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What did an ode to love sound like in 1907? Was it passionate and how did that passion show itself? Alban Berg answers this question in his Liebesode, one of the Sieben Frühe Lieder song cycle, and early and exquisitely sensual work. Together with a poem by Otto Erich Hartleben, this music embraces us with its power.

Asiya wrote this transcription during the summer of 2017, following a longterm fascination with the song itself and the collection it belongs to.

Ode to love

In the arms of love we fell asleep blissfully

At the open window listened the summer wind

And our breath was peacefully taken out

Into the bright moonlit night.


And from the garden, touching timidly,

A scent of roses came to our love bed

And gave us wonderful dreams,

Intoxicating dreams, so rich with longing

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