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Faure’s Elegie is Asiya’s first transcription. Written in November 2012, it was inspired by the beautiful climax of this piece. What is special about that climax? It feels heartbreakingly dramatic and profound and sometimes asks for a bigger sound and a wider registers, than cello line with gentle piano accompaniment can provide. Using the full piano keyboard from the lowest basses to the high pitches allows the listener to experience the climax at the new level. Doubling the melody supports and intensifies the tragic feeling of the climax, while the expanded accompanying passages may remind a listener of the power of ocean waves.
But another side of this transcription is extremely gentle and delivers subtle colors and a sense of sorrow and disappearance. The range of contrasts within this 5-minute piece is astounding. Loneliness, happiness, protest, despair, grief, and acceptance are just a rough number of feelings in this piece’s palette. One replaces another seamlessly while all of them are gradually building up to crash by the very end.
Work with this transcription helped Asiya to get closer to the final decision of transcribing the Rachmaninoff’s Cello Sonata.

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